Our share concept, consists of vehicle owners who are looking to share their gems, but also seek to know the tastes of other motor enthusiasts for which we have created the concept Club Share L-Garage. By forming part of this program you gained access to use the treasures of other classic car lovers or enjoy the adrenaline of driving a muscle and speed sport car.

Car sharing is becoming popular and offers a convenient, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to owning a car. Self-service vehicles are normally available on-demand in reserved parking spots in neighborhoods across the city, in L-GARAGE we will provide a monthly Newsletter with information, events, offers as well as a list of cars available for you to start sharing. Members can reserve cars by the hour or by the day. This price includes gas, insurance, and maintenance and you only pay for the time you use.

Find yourself always remembering the car you wish you never sold? We do too. Let us help you relive those days by getting you behind the wheel for a day or a weekend rental.

Own an exciting car? Why not list it and have it earn you revenue? Use the extra income and purchase those new parts you’ve always wanted or set it aside for your next dream car.

By setting the price, mileage, and deposit amount, owners have full control of each rental. Review the member’s profile to see their rental history and rental qualifications, approve the rental at your leisure and get ready to earn.

Every vehicle rented through CLUB SHARE L-GARAGE includes a commercial auto policy that provides liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage for the rental period. Please visit our insurance FAQ section for additional details.

How it works:

1. Send us an email to: and attached a picture of your vehicle so we can Schedule an appointment and help you to become part of the exclusive experience at Club Share L-GARAGE.
2. Become a member of Club Share L-GARAGE.
3. Start enjoying the benefits of sharing your car. Part take in a shared dream and earn money by renting and using the treasures of our club members.