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L-GARAGE is an exclusive Club where members share the taste for all those toys that we love can to ride and put a smile on our faces. It's a place to pamper your most precious toys while having the support of a team to enhance your valuable vehicle.

We are located in the North of Houston area, In the amazing town that has received the denomination of "Old Town", because of the magical feeling one gets while walking through its streets and enjoying its atmosphere, its people, its shops and restaurants that make it great place it is known to be. So you can roll and shine a smile from side to side.




The Spring area was first occupied by a tribe known as Orcoquisac Indians who depended on fishing and hunting which they found in abundance in this area. The first merchants in Old Town Spring could be considered the "Trading Posts" that were established by the French and later the Spaniards called "El Orcoquisac," where trade with the Indians was brisk.

In the early 1800's settlers began to make their way to the area increasing the trade and growth of the Spring area. Colonization began to flourish after Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836 which was the same year Houston was founded on the Banks of Buffalo Bayou. For the next nine years settlers migrated steadily to the area as part of the "Republic of Texas". In 1845, Texas became part of the US and generous land grants were relatively inexpensive to obtain for homestead farming which stimulated more growth to the area which was primarily colonized by German Settlers. After the Civil War, railroads expanded into South Texas. In the 1870's, railroad tracks were constructed to Houston and rapid industrialization began for the Houston area.

Spring was named by railroad workers that were laying the tracks to the south during a harsh winter, when they reached the area it was spring time and they were so excited about winter ending they named it "Camp Spring". In 1873, Camp Spring was platted by the I. & G.N. Railroad and became a settlement. "Camp" was dropped from the name and Spring became the base of operation for railroad workers. This addition stimulated abundant growth for lumber companies and farmers and created jobs and opportunities for new immigrants to the area.

The next 50 years Spring experienced steady economic growth when the rest of the nation struggled. During that period, in 1901, Spring became a crossroads for two intersecting railroad lines and added a roundhouse and 14 track yards. In 1902, several businesses began locating in Spring including an opera house, hospital, lumber mill, bank, hotels and saloons. One of which was Wunsche Bros. Cafe' and Saloon.

Business flourished until 1923 when the railroad relocated their base of operations to Houston. This move crippled local merchants and other business in the area, which were forced to close. Insult to injury came with prohibition, which caused the saloons to close. Wunsche Bros. resisted and was the last saloon in Harris County to close.

Along with the Depression of the 30's, Spring was reduced to a small settlement and remained dormant until the late 60's when local merchants started locating around the Spring Cafe' (Wunsche Bros.) to take advantage of the economic growth enjoyed by the oil boom in Houston. Old Town Spring emerged with the steady growth of merchants through the 70's and 80's into a favorite site of customers and visitors from all over the world and produces several popular festivals and events such as the Texas Crawfish & Music Festival held each year in April. Old Town Spring is voted one of the top attractions in Texas each year.

This town is rumored to be known for being a robbery victim of Bonnie and Clyde. Though the bank building still has bullet holes from several robberies in the 1920s and 1930s.

Old Town Spring's historic streets may set the scene for a quaint shopping village, but they also serve as byways for one of the most haunted towns in Texas. A perfectionist past the end, Uncle Charlie still fusses around the historic Wunsche Brothers Café, the oldest commercial structure in the area. The spirit of a girl who died in a barn still plays with her group of friends in Doering Court, while a headless switchman runs after phantom trains trying to prevent a collision. Her path lit by unknown lights in the sky





L-GARAGE specializes in classic cars and motorcycles, but if your pallet consists of speed, muscle or sport cars, you will come to find that we also share good taste in more modern automobiles and can take care of your toy. After being rid of all your worries spend some time at our classic mixology bar and get to know us better.

The current world of peer-to-peer apps allowing us to send money and snippets of our lives to each other with a few taps of the thumb is the same technological surge that brought us the convenience of things like AirBnB and Turo, the car-sharing service that allows individuals to rent their rides to each other while the company skims a bit of the price to provide the parties with insurance.

While it's good fun to borrow someone's new Porsche 911 for the day without much hassle, it would be even better if it were a 1967 Porsche 911, right? Well, there's good news for you if you agree because it looks like the keys to some of our vintage dreams are now in reach. Recently launched by CLUB CAR L-GARAGE, our new program takes the idea of user-sourced supply and demand and applies it to the classic and sport car sphere. This means if you're an owner you can set a price and stipulations for people to rent your vehicle, and if you're looking to spend a day or two with something special, simply enjoy the cars we have to offer.